New Zealand’s Original Wagyu Breeders Association


Farming is an integral and long-standing part of New Zealand’s culture and way of life. For Wagyu beef farmers, there is a sense of pride in raising the finest grass-fed cattle in New Zealand. Just like a fine wine paired with a spectacular meal, a great deal of commitment, passion, tenacity, and good work ethics accompanies producing a high-quality and desirable product.

Those who have had a chance to taste New Zealand’s Wagyu meat always ask what gives it such a palatable flavor. To begin with, it’s not so much as it how it’s prepared but rather what the cattle eat. The majority of grass-fed Wagyu cattle throughout New Zealand grazes on a variety of native grass, white clover plants, herbs, and legumes in a temperate climate and rich, fertile soil. Additionally, cattle are raised without antibiotics, hormones, or GMO’s, in a holistic, predator-free environment. Click here to read more about grass.

With over a hundred years of farming experience, and over twenty plus years raising Wagyu, often times farmers can be and have been an autonomous journey. Self-promotion by word-of-mouth, completing sales of livestock on handshakes can be a dogged avenue limiting marketing prospects for prosperity.

The New Zealand Wagyu Association would like to change a community for Wagyu farmers. NZWBA offers an opportunity to network with other farmers, provide a platform to register Wagyu cattle, education in ecological and financial sustainability in raising Wagyu cattle. NZWBA is a forum that can connect Wagyu farmers together to exchange information, cultivate relationships in the farming industry, encourage fresh ideas to expand existing farms, get started in the Wagyu farming industry, or learn more about Wagyu farming. We are here to support and serve you; bringing farmers together.