Meet Our Association Council Members


Malcom oversees the general operations and overall functionality of NZWBA. Along with the president, a vice president, treasurer, secretary, and web designer accounts for the council of the New Zealand Wagyu Breeders Association. Our council members hold the Association in high esteem.  They work diligently in widening our network, and facilitating the exchange of innovative thoughts and ideas.


We are ordinary people that have a wealth of experience in farming.  Together, our host of local farmers collectively and actively support NZWBA. They bring in-depth industry experience, with their diverse backgrounds in the farming of Wagyu cattle, breeding, genetics, embryo marketing, IT and marketing. Our broad knowledge can help provide the answers you need to get you started in becoming a part of the growing Wagyu beef industry.


Malcom Collier

President of NZWBA

email: [email protected]

mobile: +64 21 523 038