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 NZWBA Annual General Meeting 2023
This past July on the twenty-second, NZWBA held our second virtual annual meeting.  We had three great presentations given by speakers from various parts of the world. If interested, or if you weren’t able to attend the AGM meeting, please click here and have a catch up.

Australian Wagyu Association, Australia
Presenter:  Aaron van der Hueval, Carcass Camera Technician for AWA.
Subject:      MIJ technology and how it works in Australia and how it could work in NZ.    

Kelly Andrews Veterinary Services, Ltd., Waikato
Presenter:  Kelly Andrews, Veterinarian.
Subject:     The basics and essentials of new born calf care to give our Wagyu the best start. 

British Wagyu Breeders Association, UK.
Presenter:  Richard Saunders
Subject:      How BWBA began, its’ economic business model, developing the Wagyu market in the UK, and what direction they see their
                     Association going moving forward.

NZWBA Annual General Meeting 2022
This past July on the ninth NZWBA held our first virtual annual meeting.  We had three great presentations given by speakers from various parts of the world. If interested, or if you weren’t able to attend the AGM meeting, please click on each presentation below and have a catch up.

Omega Beef Wagyu, Montana, US
Owner: Jeanie Alderson
Raising Grass-fed Wagyu in the Grain Dominated US Market
Watch video here

Australian Wagyu Association, Australia
CEO: Matt McDonagh
Summary of 2022 WagyuEdge Conference
Watch video here

Zoetis Genetics
Area Manager Beef: Amy Hoogenboom
Intro to Taking DNA Samples and Parent Verification
Soon to be released.

NZWBA Herd Register

The registry is the NZWBA’s official database of animal records.  It records the pedigree of each animal registered with the association and is a national and internationally accepted means of certifying each animal’s lineage.  Each record is verified by the Herd Register using DNA parentage tests and/or reliable field records.  Members can register their full blood, purebred and crossbred Wagyu cattle, and search the registry for cattle.  Email [email protected] and our Registration Coordinator Officer will be able to assist you.

NZWBA Constitution

Our Association is committed to ethical and honest practices in all areas it is involved. Councillors seek to maintain these standards whilst governing the Association. The rules of the NZWBA are the Associations founding document. They define our mission, purpose and responsibilities. Please have a look

NZWBA Presidential Report for 2022-2023

From the president’s desk is a report concluding the progress we’ve made during the past year. When you have a moment, please have 
a look 

NZWBA Annual Accounts

We believe in transparency and want all our members to be kept up-to-date on the financial activities of NZWBA.  This will include details of income and expenditure and an overall health check.
Review Financials

NZWBA Archived Quarterly Newsletters

Review Archives

NZWBA Archived Meeting Minutes

Review Archives


Resource Database


Marketing Resource


Our market focus is on raising quality livestock, and promoting Grass-Fed Wagyu.  Some of our marketing targets may include farmers markets, online butcheries, and distributers who have an interest in exporting New Zealand’s Grass-Fed Wagyu beef.  At NZWBA, our council members have had involvement in the N.Z. Wagyu industry for over two decades.  We would like to share this knowledge and continue to learn more about this specialized industry as interest in the breeding grows.

               For more information on marketing please email us at: [email protected]


Wagyu Breeding Advisors

Our council members have a wealth of knowledge to share with those interested in becoming a Wagyu breeder, and those who are experienced in raising Wagyu who would like to share their knowledge and continue to learn more about this specialized industry.

              To learn more about Wagyu breeding please email us at: [email protected]


        NZWBA Wagyu Bull Book 2018

              The New Zealand Wagyu Breeders Association Inc is pleased to announce and share our newly released Wagyu
bull book.  It’s our first edition and we hope you’ll find it helpful in listing your Wagyu bulls for
marketing,advertisement and for sale.  Please review our book here

If you’d like to advertise or sell your Wagyu bulls please contact us at: [email protected]


         Embryo Transfer

Click here to learn more about the embryo transfer process


NZWBA Welcomes Suggestions

Got some interesting ideas? The New Zealand Wagyu Breeders Association welcomes fresh and updated ideas that exemplifies sustainable farming, and breeding. NZWBA is always looking to improve the quality of Wagyu breeding throughout the NZ farming communities, as well as offering ways to improve our association that will benefit members and potential members.   Feel free to email us at: [email protected]

Suggestions, or ideas will be placed as an agenda for the meeting.


Wagyu On The Plate Bistro

Step into our culinary bistro and discover the many ways to satisfy the insatiable palate.  The Wagyu on The Plate Bistro
(In pdf format) offers a variety of delicious recipes that will honour the meat, your tastebuds, and the chef!

If you have a favourite, or special recipe you don’t mind sharing, let us know and we’ll be happy to place it on our menu!