Breeding Wagyu

Wagyu is a very special breed of beef that is the highest regarded quality of beef in the meat industry.

Wagyu contains a high level of marbling that is absorbed into the muscle, providing enormous moisture.  Besides the beautiful flavor, it has a velvet tenderness and is one of the most sought-after beef in the world.

Wagyu offers a high calving ease, with a docile temperament, and have a high carcass yield. Wagyu is raised without growth promotants, hormones, or antibiotics.

As a Wagyu breeder, taking a holistic approach to caring for the animals include: a calm and safe environment, using a blend of highly nutrient grass or carefully blended grains, along with a strict selection of genetics to produce a spectacular meat product. Much patience is required in building a viable herd that will impress the high-end markets, and prove to be a wise economic investment.

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